Samples with ‘Test Request Form’ and Import Permit are sent to:

39 Henry St, Sheffield TAS 7306

AAFT Australia extend their full range of fibre testing services to clients in New Zealand. The following is a guide for sending samples to AAFT from New Zealand.

Size of sample

As we operate OFDA2000 testing equipment, we only require a fibre sample that is about the width of two fingers (at least one fibre bundle). The minimum length of the sample is 20mm long.

Importation Conditions

Australia has conditions on the entry of raw fibre samples. In the main, the samples need to be free of contaminants such as seeds, faeces and vegetation.

To meet current conditions, a copy of AAFT’s Import Permit for samples from New Zealand needs to accompany the samples.

A copy of the current Import Permit can only be obtained by request to AAFT ( The copy of the permit should be securely affixed to the exterior of the parcel so Customs officials can observe the permit without opening the parcel.

Bagging Samples

Samples should be placed in individual paper or plastic bags with alpaca’s name and/or ID/tag number. We ask that the identifying details be clearly marked to avoid errors.

Posting samples

Samples with ‘Test Request Form’ and Import Permit are sent to:

39 Henry St
Sheffield TAS 7306

In order to avoid inspection charges, samples should be sent by normal mail rather than using a courier service.


To obtain pricing, please request price list from AAFT ( An invoice will be sent with test results. The invoice amounts will be expressed in NZ$’s, with our New Zealand bank accounts details included on the invoice. Please note, no currency exchange is necessary.

Transmission of Results

Worksheets, reports and summaries of results will be sent by email (Excel spreadsheet and Adobe file). If requested, we will also send results by airmail, however, we will need to add postage charges to the fee.

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