Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing in UK/Europe
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How to have fibre tested

How to have your fibre samples tested - its easy!

How to have your fibre samples tested:

1. Sending your fibre samples to AAFT in the UK.

To do this, you send your samples with the Test Request Form (see right) to Dani at our UK service. The address is on the Test Request Form. If you are sending your samples from outside the UK, please also enclose the Import Declaration Form (also see right). If sending the samples from outside the UK, please make sure they have no foreign matter with the samples (see Import Declaration Form).

We will email your results, or post them if you wish.

We ask that you send your payment in full with your fibres samples, or transfer the payment amount into our bank account before we test the samples. (contact Trevor for bank details).

Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing in UK/Europe
Please fill in this form for all sample consignments.
Please fill in this form if sending samples from outside the UK.
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How to Take a Fibre Sample

The main points to note regarding fibre sampling are as follows:

1. Always use the same sample site. This will enable you to effectively compare results. The preferred and most commonly used site is the mid-side. The mid-side is located half way between the fore and hind leg and half way down the body mass. The left hand side of the alpaca is normally used for the mid-side as the right side is exposed to judges when showing.

2. To breed for reduction in variation of fibre diameter across the fleece, three sample sites may be used. In this case, the mid-side, the shoulder area and the pin-bone (hip) are recommended. Our GIFT testing information will provide more information on this.

3. For OFDA2000 testing, the size of the fibre sample needs to be only the width of two fingers.

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Fibre testing price lists

4. When cutting the sample from the alpaca, ensure the sample is taken as close to the skin as possible so that a complete test analysis can be conducted on the whole length of fibres. Curved surgical scissors are great for this.

5. Place the sample in a paper bag. If a plastic bag is used, the bag should not be sealed as condensation build-up can distort the fibre measurements. Record the alpaca’s name and/or tag number on the bag. Let Trevor know if you need some of our sample bags.

6. Send the samples with relevant forms to Dani at AAFT. The address is on the Test Request Form (downloadable copy found on this page).

Finally, let us know if you need more information. We love to help people who are new to the industry or just need a few tips.

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UK Price List
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