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Something To Be Proud Of

Fabulous wedding gown made from a blend of 60% suri and 40% huacaya.

The suri fibre came from the 1999 Australian National Champion suri fleece.

The yarn for the gown was spun by Darryl Laughton and crocheted by Fiona Laughton of Beavona Lodge Suris'.

This is Fiona and Darryl's second wedding gown made from alpaca fibre.

The main dress is crocheted using 3621 meters of 100% suri with the overlay, sleeves and veil, crocheted using 1360 meters of Suri / Bombyx Silk mix created by plying 1 single strand of Suri with 1 single strand of silk.

The entire outfit weighs only 380 grams. The dress took 335 hours of fibre preparation and spinning over a 20 month period. The crocheting was over a 4 month period.

Some of the Suri yarn used in the dress was awarded Judges Choice at the 2009 AOBA World Alpaca Conference with some of the Suri / Silk mix being awarded a 1st place at the same competition. The dress won the Camelid Quarterly Fibre Arts competition in 2011